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Separation of Church & State: What the Founders Meant

Separation of Church & State: What the Founders Meant

The Question of Freemasonry and the Founding Fathers

The Question of Freemasonry and the Founding Fathers

The American Heritage Series (DVD Set)

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Discover the forgotten and astonishing story of our nation’s foundation in the American Heritage Series. For centuries, Americans were taught a truthful view of history that recognized the Godly heroes and moral foundation our nation was founded upon. But in recent years, a new version of history has assaulted the moral and spiritual fiber of our nation, leaving the truth of our past eliminated and forgotten. Until today. From Separation of Church and State, to the Civil Rights Movement, the heroism of our founding Fathers to the building of our nation’s monuments, this series will inspire every American to reclaim the Godly, true story of our nation. Join historian David Barton and experience the untold story of our nation’s history in the American Heritage Series.

3 DVD Box Set

26 Episodes: 30 minuntes each in length (closed captioned)


Episodes 1-3

  • Why History Matters - Unearthing America’s Christian Foundation: Parts 1 & 2
    In today’s classrooms and civil arenas you will find little evidence of the Biblical principles upon which America was founded. In fact, many modern-day historians claim that our nation’s Founders were a diverse group of atheists, deists, and political revolutionaries. But what principles did the Founding Fathers use as the basis for the most successful nation in history? Did they really intend for us to live in a secular society as revisionists claim? Or were they largely a group of God-fearing leaders who believed that Biblical principles should form the underpinning of our government and its Constitution? Discover the amazing truth of our nation’s Godly foundation in the American Heritage Series. America: this is your heritage!

Episodes 4-5

  • The Faith of Our Founding Fathers: Parts 1 & 2
    In today’s society, Americans are increasingly taught false views about the religious and moral beliefs of our Founding Fathers. Were our Founding Fathers rebellious political zealots as many historians now teach? Or were they really men of integrity and strong religious character, as earlier generations and textbooks taught? View original documents that show, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that America’s Founders drew their ideas for this nation from their strong faith in God. As you watch, you will see numerous accounts of God’s intervention clearly visible in the lives and endeavors of our Founding Fathers. In the American Heritage Series, discover the faith of our Founders that enabled them selflessly to give their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor. America: this is your heritage!

 Episodes 6-8

  • The Ideas that Birthed a Nation Our Biblical Constitution Is America a ""Christian Nation?""
    Modern history teaches us that our Founding Fathers were atheists, agnostics, and deists yet a closer look into history tells us a different story. America’s founders were united by their deeply held spiritual beliefs, and those beliefs directly impacted the formation of the new nation. Significantly, the Bible was the source of many of the unique ideas and unprecedented principles laid out in our founding documents, but today we are no longer taught these truths about our founding; instead, we are taught a revisionist history in which religious faith is absent and God’s Providential hand is ignored. Learn the true story of America’s birthright and of our Founding Fathers in the American Heritage Series. America: this is your heritage!

Episodes 9-10

  • Church, State & the Real 1st Amendment: Parts 1 & 2
    In present-day politics and government, the term ""separation of church and state"" is regularly used to prohibit expressions of religious faith in the public arena. However, for a century-and-a-half after the Constitution was written, that phrase meant exactly the opposite – it was used to preserve religious expressions in the public square. What was the origin of this now infamous phrase? When and how did its meaning change? Learn the history of this phrase and how its original meaning has been replaced with a completely secular one never intended by the author of the phrase. Discover not only the original story of this phrase but even see the Founding Fathers’ own words and actions concerning it in the American Heritage Series. America: this is your heritage!

Episodes 11-13

  • Influence of the Bible in America How Pastors Shaped Our Independence: Parts 1 & 2
    During the Revolutionary War, churches and clergy played a pivotal role, providing leadership in the political and military arenas and helping shape the intellectual ideas that took root in our founding documents. The Bible helped shape our nation’s government, educational system, and culture in general; and while today’s critics have relegated religious leaders to serving only within the four walls of the church, America’s early religious leaders believed that they were to be involved in every aspect of life – including government. Is there still a role for churches and pastors to play in today’s political arena? Discover the answer to that question as well as how pastors and religious leaders set the course for the nation in the American Heritage Series. America: this is your heritage!

Episodes 14-16

  • When Religion Was Culture Faith in Our Early Courts Myths of the Judiciary
    Founding Father Alexander Hamilton announced to the nation during the ratification of the Constitution that, ""[T]he judiciary, from the nature of its functions, will always be the least dangerous to the political rights of the Constitution. . . . [and] the general liberty of the people can never be endangered from that quarter."" Yet today, our religious freedoms and so many others of our once inalienable rights are now regularly threatened by this ""least dangerous"" branch. This was not our Founding Fathers’ intent – a fact clearly revealed by an examination of early Supreme Court Justices and the values that guided their decisions. Discover the Constitution’s original intent for the courts in the American Heritage Series. America: this is your heritage!

Episodes 17-19

  • Evidence of America’s Spiritual Heritage: Parts 1, 2, & 3
    If a picture is truly worth a thousand words, what then do the pictures, monuments, and great art of our nation’s Capitol tell us about American history and our nation’s Founders? Many visitors to the Capitol would be shocked to discover that the faith of our Founding Fathers has been chiseled in stone throughout that great building. What is the meaning behind some of our nation’s most baffling symbols, from the dollar bill’s ""all-seeing eye,"" to the towering national monuments of Washington, DC? What happens to a society that forgets the truths and symbols of its own past? And why has this irrefutable evidence of our great spiritual heritage been covered up and forgotten? Discover little-known facts about our nation’s Godly history in the American Heritage Series. America: this is your heritage!

Episodes 20-21

  • Four Centuries of American Education: Parts 1 & 2
    For centuries, America’s educational philosophy centered on teaching ""religion, morality, and knowledge"" – the three aspects set forward in 1789 in America’s first federal law addressing education. In fact, America’s great Founding Fathers and educational leaders spoke openly about the need for public education to inculcate these three elements. However, over the past half-century, a dramatic change has occurred, and a completely secular philosophy now dominates the American classroom. In fact, most Americans today are not only uninformed but often misinformed about the spiritual heritage of our nation and its Founders. What can history tell us about a nation who forgets its past? Is revisionism in textbooks really a problem? Discover the remarkable history of American education in the American Heritage Series. America: this is your heritage!

Episodes 22-24

  • Great Black Patriots From Bondage to the Halls of Congress The Civil Rights Movement
    Unknown to most today, black and white soldiers often fought side-by-side in the fierce battles of the Revolutionary War that birthed our nation, and many black leaders played pivotal roles in our government in the 1700s and throughout the 1800s. Why do our classrooms neglect so many of our nation’s great black leaders – military heroes such as Peter Salem, influential pastors like Lemuel Haynes and Richard Allen, Revolutionary spy James Armistead, or U. S. Congressman Joseph Hayne Rainey? Learn about these remarkable leaders and their great spiritual faith, and discover little known facts about the early civil rights movement. Uncover the truth of our nation’s black heroes and patriots in the American Heritage Series. America: this is your heritage!

Episodes 25-26

  • The Assault on Judeo-Christian Values The Duty of a Free Citizen
    Over the past two centuries, a dramatic change has occurred in America. The rich spiritual heritage of our Founding Fathers and the religious beliefs and values they incorporated through American government and institutions are now met with increasing hostility. Are we really in what many describe as a ""Cultural War""? Does the mixing of politics and faith create a dangerous environment within a nation, or does it actually preserve the unique principles that made the United States the most successful nation in history? In the American Heritage Series, discover the role that Biblical values played in our founding, how far America has drifted since that time, and what citizens today can do to return to restore those values. America: this is your heritage!

Production by Impact Productions.  

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