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The Role of Pastors & Christians in Civil Government (B05)

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How should a Christian contribute to public affairs? Investigate the examples of the Rev. Dr. Jonathan Mayhew, Roger Sherman, Charles Thomson and other Christians at the vanguard of the Revolution. The Church and its leaders played a vital role in achieving American independence and they established a precedent for todays Christians to follow. Discover Biblical guidelines for political involvement and ways to act upon your convictions.

Booklet. 56 Pages. Paperback.

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2 reviews for The Role of Pastors & Christians in Civil Government (B05)

  1. Jennifer Schoon

    This book is very educating! I wish that every American would read this for schooling. This book truly shows that America was founded on Christian principles like John Adams said. It shows that Christians should always be involved in their countries government. Government was ordained by God and authorities have rules to follow from God. God bless David Barton! This book is a MUST read! Every pastor needs to reed this!!! Pastors need to get involved with our civil government again and quite repeating “Separation of church and state.” God has given us a republic to be good stewards of!

  2. David Houle

    Excellent book!! a must-read for every American. Very eye-opening to the history that has not been taught in public schools for decades. Our founders were firm believers in God and the Bible. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are based on and filled with Biblical truths. Pastors need to read this book also. Ministers preached the word regarding our civil responsibilities and encouraged our involvement not only in prayer for our leaders, but being involved in the process including running for office, as many of them did.
    This book is rich with history. Again, a must-read! Kudos David Barton!

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