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The American Story: The Beginnings (B43)

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The American Story: The Beginnings

America is unique. No other nation in the world has enjoyed the widespread levels of stability, individual prosperity, and personal freedoms that have become customary in America today.

What made America different from other nations? Was it the people, the principles, or the blessing of God? It was all three of these, and this work will highlight each, telling the story of the most exceptional nation in the history of the world.

Our story is not one of a perfect people, yet it is a compelling account of diverse people seeking religious and civil freedom, escaping oppression, pursuing opportunity, and often joining hands to achieve common goals. The American Story highlights some of the interesting moments and incidents affirming God’s Providence in American history. Our past is full of captivating accounts of the brave and the cowardly; of heroes and villains; of atrocities, corruption, and greed as well as self-sacrifice, honor, and redemption. It is a compelling and fascinating story.

Paperback. 379 pages.

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1 review for The American Story: The Beginnings (B43)

  1. Mike Everton

    Great book! This is the history book that should be taught in schools.

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