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Episode 12 American Heritage: How Pastors Shaped Our Independence Part 1 (DDAHS12)


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Episode 12 of The American Heritage Series: How Pastors Shaped Our Independence Part 1

Discover the forgotten and astonishing story of our nation’s foundation in the American Heritage Series. For centuries, Americans were taught a truthful view of history that recognized the Godly heroes and moral foundation our nation was founded upon. But in recent years, a new version of history has assaulted the moral and spiritual fiber of our nation, leaving the truth of our past eliminated and forgotten. Until today. From Separation of Church and State, to the Civil Rights Movement, the heroism of our founding Fathers to the building of our nation’s monuments, this series will inspire every American to reclaim the Godly, true story of our nation. Join historian David Barton and experience the untold story of our nation’s history in the American Heritage Series.

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