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Episode 1 Foundations of Freedom: The Founders Bible with Rick Green (DDFOF01)


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Episode 1 of The Foundations of Freedom: The Founders Bible with Rick Green

America stands at the crossroads of human history. Once revered and respected throughout the world, the countrys influence and freedoms are in jeopardy. Join David Barton with special guests Glenn Beck, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, constitutional expert Rick Green, and law professor Dr. Carol M. Swain as they explore the America our Founding Fathers envisioned. From the formation of American law and the judicial system to biblically-based economics, science, government, and more, discover how our Founding Fathers used the Bible as a blueprint for America’s freedoms and build your faith in our nation’s future with Foundations of Freedom.If ever there was a need to rediscover the vision, passion, and wisdom of those who laid the foundations of our nation, it is now!

Winner of  “Best Video Curriculum” at the 2015 International Christian Vision Media Awards
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