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America’s Heroes: Black History Edition (PDF Version)


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America’s Heroes: Black History Edition (PDF Version)

America’s Heroes: Black History Edition is a collection of 20 short biographies that highlights some of America’s black heroes, many whom have been overlooked for years.

Did you know that there was a black-owned car manufacturer in early America? Or that a black patriot was the first double spy during the War for Independence? Did you know that several young black men received the Medal of Honor for protecting our flag during war? Or that the first black female missionary from the States was responsible for educating Hawaiian nobility? Did you know that one of America’s most renowned scientists was a black man, born into slavery?

Discover men and women who have made significant contributions to our American heritage, from scientists to evangelists, successful business owners to soldiers. Learn how their faith played a significant role in their lives and in the legacy they left behind. These inspiring biographies are excellent for use in classrooms, legislatures, homeschools, small groups, and families.

Includes: 1 downloadable PDF of 40 pages + a cover page (each biography is 2 pages in length)

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