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The American Heritage Series – Disc 8 – Episodes 20-21 (DVD)


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Episodes 20-21: Four Centuries of American Education: Parts 1 & 2

For centuries, Americas educational philosophy centered on teaching “religion, morality, and knowledge” – the three aspects set forward in 1789 in Americas first federal law addressing education. In fact, Americas great Founding Fathers and educational leaders spoke openly about the need for public education to instill these three elements. However, over the past half-century, a dramatic change has occurred, and a completely secular philosophy now dominates the American classroom. In fact, most Americans today are not only uninformed but often misinformed about the spiritual heritage of our nation and its Founders. What can history tell us about a nation who forgets its past? Is revisionism in textbooks really a problem? Discover the remarkable history of American education in the American Heritage Series. America, this is your heritage!

DVD. 57 minutes. Closed Captioned.

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