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Patriots Package (CCAT17C)

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Patriots Package


Package Includes the Following:


 A Nation Adrift


America has long been a beacon of freedom, stability, and prosperity. But recent generations no longer understand the foundations upon which America was built. As a consequence, there is now a visible erosion of the unique principles that produced the success we long enjoyed. How do we recover and restore what is now being lost?

Discover the historical and Biblical guidelines that helped individuals, families, businesses, and the nation become successful. Fortunately, these principles are timeless and therefore are still relevant today. If America is to be restored, Americans must rediscover the truth about our past and begin once again applying the principles that produce success.


George Washington's Rules of Civility

GW Rules

Before he was 16, George Washington copied and adapted 110 rules of civility based on a work created in the 16th century as a guide for young gentleman. Washington took these rules to heart and they strongly influenced him throughout his life. Many of the rules deal with etiquette, and many others concern deeper matters that touch on self-respect, wise judgment, honor, success, and integrity. These rules give a glimpse into the habits and manners of the Founding Era, but they are timeless principles still relevant for all ages today.


Eight Steps to Thinking Biblically CD

Picture of Eight Steps for Thinking Biblically (CD24)

In today's society, we use many filters as the basis for our decision making. Instead, let's learn to apply the filter of God's Word as the foundation for every choice we make in life!

The Second Amendment

 2nd Amend.

The Second Amendment to the Constitution, a protection of the ownership of firearms, has become the source of heated controversy in recent years. Learn about the Founders' views on this important freedom and their solutions for averting the plague of violence that has disrupted communications.


The Jefferson Lies

Picture of The Jefferson Lies (B37B)


So many things that we are told today about our Founding Fathers simply aren’t true – such as that Thomas Jefferson fathered the child of his slave girl, that he was an anti-Christian secularist who rewrote the Bible to his liking, and that he was just another racist, bigoted colonial. But historical fact proves otherwise – that Jefferson was a visionary, an innovator, a man who revered Jesus, and a man whose pioneering stand for liberty and God-given inalienable rights fostered a better world for this nation and its posterity. For Americans, the time to remember these truths is now. The Jefferson Lies reclaims the truth about this once beloved Founding Father.


363 pages. Paperback.

Keeping Truth in History CD

 Picture of Keeping Truth in History (CD27)


America has developed a severe case of historical amnesia. Not only have we forgotten how we became the most stable and prosperous nation on the globe, but now we often feel compelled to apologize to the world just for being Americans. How did we develop such a serious national identity crisis? It came as a result of five specific historical attacks launched over the past century that have now found a permanent home in American media and education. Learn about each of the five attacks and how to quickly identify and negate its harmful influence so that Americans can once again regain an understanding of our greatness and preserve it for generations to come.


75 minutes.


U-Turn: Restoring America to the Strength of its Roots


Picture of U-Turn: Restoring America to the Strength of its Roots (B39)

The United States became a stable, prosperous, and unique nation because of our faith in God and the willingness of our citizens to apply Biblical principles and values in every aspect of life. But over recent decades, personal egocentricity has placed self above God, seriously eroding and endangering America's long-found strength and security. In their new book, U-Turn: Restoring America to the Strength of Its Roots, historian David Barton and researcher/pollster George Barna examine the cultural trends of the past forty years, giving readers a unique view of the current moral and spiritual condition of Americans while providing specific recommendations on how we can restore our families, churches and government back to a place of Biblical conformity, and thus God's blessing.

269 pages. Hardback.