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Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary & the Bible (CD ROM)

Webster's 1828 Dictionary (CD ROM)
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Founding Father Noah Webster had a significant impact on America. He was a soldier during the American Revolution and a legislator and a judge afterward; he was also one of the first Founders to call for a Constitutional Convention, and while he didn't sign it, Webster directly impacted the final wording of the Constitution.

Today, Webster is primarily known for the massive dictionary that bears his name. He published a small dictionary in 1806, and in 1807 began work on his great dictionary. While preparing that work and seeking to understand the origin of specific words, Webster learned over twenty languages. His two-volume masterpiece was finished and finally published in 1828. It contained some 70,000 words, including 12,000 words and 40,000 definitions not found in any previous dictionary.

This searchable CD ROM features Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary, An American Dictionary of the English Language. It was the first dictionary ever published in America that original dictionary, published here in its entirety, was begun with a dedication to God, praying that it would be useful for "the moral and religious elevation of character and the glory of my country." For decades, it also contained Webster's personal testimony of his conversion to Christ. Additionally, after defining each word, he provided examples to clarify the meanings of the word, and a large percentage of his examples were Bible verses. (See the example of the word "chief.")

This CD ROM also includes the full text of the King James Version of the Bible which is fully integrated with the Dictionary to enable fast, thorough word studies.

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