Influence of the Bible on America Online Course (Must be purchased through

Online Curriculum, to be purchased through an outside source.

Click here to sign-up and pay for this online course. You will be directed to a secure site. After purchase you will have access to a coupon code for a discount on the Influence of the Bible on America DVD for only $7! You will find this code once you log in to the Influence of the Bible on America's main course page.


The Influence of the Bible on America interactive course correlates to WallBuilders' DVD of the same title. This curriculum consists of 10 online lessons examining the influence that the Bible has had on shaping American and its key institutions, covering from colonial days to the late nineteenth century.

Each lesson begins with a segment from the DVD and also adds many supplemental video clips, historical documents, and articles relevant to the theme of each lesson. There are also web links to additional information. After each lesson there will be a quiz on the information covered. This is an excellent, easy and exciting tool for individual study or for homeschool/Christian school classes, Sunday schools, and small groups to learn the depth about our nation's Godly foundations.

Participants in the course have access for one year. If you are unable to finish the course during that time frame, you will need to purchase an additional license.

NOTE: This course is flash-player based and therefore will not work on the iPhone, iPad or any other device that is not flash capable.