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In God We Trust Decals


 Join Americans across the nation who are affirming their trust in God – and the freedom to proclaim it
– by displaying this removable 4"x5" window cling decal in your home, office or vehicle.

Since the U.S. Congress passed Resolution 13* with an overwhelming 396/9 vote in November, 2011, reaffirming our national motto and encouraging its public display, elected leaders and citizens have taken action to display "In God We Trust" in government buildings, courtrooms, schools and businesses.  (*HR 13)

Join the movement – add your windows to the Million Window Campaign proclaiming "In God We Trust." Then, when we reach a million, we'll blitz the social media with pictures of our decals on display – so there will be no mistake about the huge number of people in America who trust in God and who are bold to say so!

To order your decal, be sure to visit the "In God We Trust Window Cling" website today! (*Prices may vary)