AUDIOBOOK George Washington Carver: Man's Slave Becomes God's Scientist

Audiobook: George Washington Carver Biography
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A Providential View of American History.

George Washington Carver: Man's Slave Becomes God's Scientist

George Washington Carver was a most extraordinary American! His parents were slaves, he was orphaned, poor and lived in a time when prejudice was all too common. However, he relied on his Father in Heaven to guide him and acknowledged that his Savior blessed and prospered him. George Washington Carver was a vessel that was used to discover, create, teach and prosper throughout his life. His scientific discoveries were used to make products that would change the agriculture business in the South forever. Be sure to read this biography by David R. Collins to understand more about George Washington Carver and the creativity of God.

This volume of GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER: MAN'S SLAVE BECOMES GOD'S SCIENTIST, joins collections of inspiring biographies written by one of America's foremost authors of children's literature. Check out our Biographies section to find more!

Recorded on 3 CDs and Packaged in an easy-to-access book-sized case.

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