Drive Thru History America - New York, New Jersey, and Washington's Warriors (DVD)

Drive Thru History - New York, New Jersey, and Washington's Warriors (DVD)
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In New York, New Jersey, and Washington's Warriors, Dave Stotts explores the rich history of New York and New Jersey. We learn about New York's "Freedom Trail", the place of George Washington's inauguration and much more! This jam-packed series also includes stories on Saratoga. West Point and the Revolutionary War battles of Trenton and Princeton. As always, Dave includes the Christian influences that have shaped history.

Episode 10: Battle Hill, The Battle of Long Island, Hessian Huts, Morris Mansion, Prison Ship Martyrs Monument, Lombardi's Pizzeria, Fort Washington

Episode 11: Wall Street, Federal Hall, New York Stock Exchange, St. Paul's Chapel, The Battle of Saratoga, Benedict Arnold, West Point

Episode 12: Crossing the Delaware, The Battle of Trenton, John Witherspoon, Princeton, Morristown, Battle of Monmouth

DVD. 1hr. 23min. Closed Captioned.


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