Drive Thru History America - Individual Kit

Drive Through History - Individual Kit
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American history as it always was – taught as it's never been.

Embark on a journey through American history, accompanied by many historical figures who willingly paid the tolls to pave the way to freedom.

During your travels, you will have opportunities to examine the personal character of eight key players in this historical drama. At roadside stops, you will ponder your own quest, and you will also dodge your own roadblocks. As you follow the map, you will enter school zones designed to pace your journey and help you avoid dead-end streets. Your route will lead you down highways where you can investigate the worldview of our nation's Founders and examine your own views as you map out the route you will travel.

So put the key in your ignition, fasten your seat belt, and get ready to Drive Thru History America!

This kit is perfect for homeschool study! It comes with a paperback Student Textbook that is also included as a PDF file on the DVD ROM. The DVD ROM contains not only the video sessions but also the Teacher’s Guide as a PDF file, complete with Answer Keys, worksheets, activities and formal assessments.

This curriculum aligns with standards established by the National Council for the Social Studies.

Individual Kit contains:

  • 1 DVD ROM (9 video lessons (10 min. each), the Teacher’s Guide and Student Textbook as PDF files, and reproducible student worksheets, activities and formal assignments)
  • 1 Student Textbook

Unit Topics:

1. Faith & Freedom
2. Benjamin Franklin
3. Benjamin Rush
4. George Washington
5. Benjamin Banneker
6. Haym Salomon
7. Abigail Adams
8. Noah Webster
9. John Quincy Adams