Chasing American Legends (DVD Set)

TV Series that follows the Green family as they pursue truth about history's heroes.
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Chasing American Legends

Pursuing truth about history's heroes. Chasing American Legends follows the dynamic Green family and special guest stars (David Barton, Brad Stine, Alveda King, Brian Birdwell, & others) in their investigations of America's heroes, legends, & legacies.

With sincere passion for America balanced by humor & curiosity, an entertaining cast brings a fresh approach to storytelling through their access to authentic worlds of timeless national treasures. Each episode is a fun journey through America's most amazing moments, as Chasing American Legends redefines the history genre of reality television.

Disc 1
Bulletproof President?
Lives, Fortunes, Sacred Honor
Communist King of Peaceful Protester?
A Grateful Nation

Disc 2
Inside the Vault
Who Shot First?
Changing Seasons
The Crossing

Disc 3
Come & Take It
Midnight Riders
Passing the Torch
One Life to Give

Disc 4
Extended Learning Scenes
Cast Profiles

CAL Promo 30 sec.mp4 from Rick Green on Vimeo.