America's Hidden History Season 1 (DVD Set)

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America's Hidden History (Season 1)

It's no secret that modern historians have revised, re-written, and even deleted entire chapters of American history. So, what are we missing?

Join David Barton, Tim Barton, and special guests in exploring the history behind our American holidays and traditions in the first season of America's Hidden History. Watch as they discuss topics such as: the true sources of our Thanksgiving traditions, why we celebrate Independence Day with fireworks, and why so many presidents have issued prayer proclamations. And discover the stories behind Memorial Day, Independence Day, Black History Month, Presidents Day, Constitution Day, Veterans Day and Thanksgiving!

Disc 1
Black History Month
Presidents Day

Disc 2
Memorial Day
Independence Day

Disc 3
Constitution Day
Veterans Day

Disc 4

Episode length: 58 min. each.